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BoroPharm develops & manufactures chemical building blocks to organizations who utilize boron containing intermediates to produce marketable products with unique and functional characteristics.

We offer customers access to a diverse range of Boronic acids and their derivatives at any scale. In addition, we offer custom synthesis solutions for clients seeking intermediates that are difficult to find or have not been made.


Our Services

BoroPharm provides custom synthesis services to organizations seeking to expand their discovery and/or development platforms and capabilities. We aim to offer the highest quality boron based custom synthesis service available in the world. In todays global competitive marketplace, our focus is providing our customers with the best service that emphasizes quality, time to delivery, and budget.

Through utilizing the BoroPharm proprietary synthetic platform, combined with an experienced and diverse staff with the technical know-how, we are armed to overcome synthetic challenges in a cost efficient manner. We offer services that range from gram-quantity custom products, to scale-up multi-kilogram processing needs.

Our expertise in Boron based synthesis and our commitment to our customer are aimed at providing rapid turn-around, scalability, and cost savings. We also provide small-and-large quantities, from milligrams-to-kilograms – so we’re right beside every step of the way.

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E-mail us at sales@boropharm.com or call toll free 1-888-366-1496.

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Business Offices
39555 Orchard Hill Place, Suite 600
Novi, MI 48375
Phone: 1-888-366-1496
Fax: (248) 348-5760
E-mail: sales@boropharm.com

Research and Development
2800 Plymouth Road Building 40
Ann Arbor, MI 48105 USA
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We offer a diverse number of aryl and heteroaryl products:

  • • Amino acid boronate esters and acids
  • • Azaindole boronate esters
  • • Furan boronate esters
  • • Flourinated aryl boronates
  • • Hydroxypyridine boronates
  • • Imidazole boronates
  • • Indole boronates
  • • Oxazole boronates
  • • Pyrazole boronate
  • • Pyrrole boronates
  • • Thiophene boronates
  • • And others